MST Argan Stem Cell Booster 30ml

Vitalizing dermal stem cells to improve skin density with Shea Butter and Rheum Rhaponticum Root Extract. It maintains the integrity of the stratum cornea structure; keeps skin vitality and repair wound. This unique healing booster, immediately firms and smooths the skin, repairs fine lines, improves skin elasticity, and promotes cell regeneration. 用乳木果油和大黄根提取物活化真皮干细胞以改善皮肤密度。 它保持角膜层结构的完整性,能修复伤口,保持肌肤活力。 这种含有独特配方的修复剂,能有效紧致和抚平皮肤,修复细纹,改善皮肤弹性,并且促进细胞再生。


Key Ingredient

Key Ingredient

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter
A type of lipid in the skin cells with moisture can maintain the integrity of the stratum cornea structure; keep the skin elasticity and vitality. Activate and protect the cells, prevent the cell damage caused by UV rays, are anti-inflammatory, and prevent roughness. Maintaining Nature Moisturizing Level. Restore and maintain the skin’s hydration level. Improve skin’s hydration level at the stratum corneum in the epidermis layer, achieving smoother and radiant skin. Immediately firm and smooth the skin, repair fine lines, improve skin elasticity, and promote cell regeneration.

Brown Seaweed Extract
High antioxidant capacity
Activation of fibroblast growth
Promote endogenous collagen synthesis
Anti-inflammation and skin aging
Promote elastin biosynthesis and wound repair

Watermelon, Apple, Lentil Extract
Increases NMF
Reduces fine line in 2 hours
Increases cell membrane fluidity

Rheum Rhaponticum Root Extract
Protects the skin from external aggressions and actives the own mechanisms of the skin for long-lasting moisturization. Evaluation of the lipid barrier productive. Recovery of skin hydration
Smooth, bright, young, and a vital skin water loss.

Saccharide Isomerate
Is powerful full deep hydration for the skin. Stimulates key genes to improve skin barrier function, also strengthen the skin barrier and
maintain deep hydration for 72 hours.

Argania Spinosa Sprout Cell Extract
Regeneration of skin tightens and tones skin tissue and increases skin firmness and density.

皮肤细胞中的一种脂质具有水分可以维持角膜层结构的完整性; 保持皮肤弹性和活力。 活化和保护细胞,防止紫外线引起的细胞损伤,消炎,防止粗糙。 保持自然保湿水平。 恢复和维持皮肤的水合作用水平。 提高皮肤表皮层角质层的水分含量,使皮肤更光滑、更容光焕发。 即刻紧致平滑肌肤,修复细纹,提升肌肤弹性,促进细胞再生。


增加 NMF

保护肌肤免受外界侵害,激活肌肤自身机制,实现长效保湿。保持健康的脂质屏障,恢复皮肤水合作用 。让皮肤光滑明亮,年轻,充满活力。



How to Apply

How to Apply

Apply on a clean face after cleansing and toning. Massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Suitable for day and night. 洁面和爽肤后,取适量均匀涂抹在干净的脸上。 以打圈的方式按摩至完全被皮肤吸收。 早晚皆可使用。


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