Avocado Gentle Cleansing Milk 200g

A delicate cleansing milk which gently removes dirt and impurities. It leaves the skin pampered and velvety smooth. Suitable for dry, dehydrated or matured even sensitive skin

柔和细致的洁面乳,帮助肌肤温和地清除污垢和渣滓。使用后,让肌肤天鹅绒般柔软、细致。 适合干性、缺水、老化甚至敏感肌肤

Key Ingredient

Key Ingredient


Ceramide 3

Ceramides are naturally creating skin lipids that are major protection of the skin’s outer layers. They form a protective barrier which helps to regulate the moisture level and to keep out invasive external substances, particles or pathogens

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Soothe your irritated skin and helps to prevent from sensitive skin. An active ingredient for the sensitive’s skin as prevention





How to Apply

How to Apply

Spread cleansing milk evenly on the dry face, and gently massage to cleanse the entire face. Rinse off with a lot of water, and pat the skin to dry.

将洁面乳均匀涂抹在干燥的脸上,轻轻按摩清洁整个面部。 用大量水冲洗干净,然后拍干皮肤。


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