About Us

GIA skinpert believes that a woman's beauty is not only on the outer layer of the skin but also from within their inner self.


In achieving our vision of inspiring and regenerating skin perfection everywhere around the world, we are dedicated to:


- To provide skin beauty excellence, we offer professional saloon products and treatments that utilizes state-of-the-art science of skincare technology.


- To maintain skin's vitality and youth with advanced and fine ingredients taken from all over the world.

- To create transformative solutions using the latest skincare formulations and established materials of highest standard and quality.


- To acquire new knowledge and expertise for more innovative techniques and skills in enhancing skin beauty.

- To provide friendly, accommodative and efficient services for customer's total satisfaction.


Gandré International Aesthetics (GIA) offers unrivalled skincare solutions in nourishing and beautifying women everywhere, everytime. Established since 2003 in Singapore, our products and treatments are dermatologically tested and clinically proven, offering beauty retreat through professional and friendly services.

We provide professional saloon products and treatments to aid every woman on solving significant skin predicament such as acne, pigmentations, dehydrated skin, aging skin and many more. In upholding our name as professional skinpert, our revolutionary skincare is also crafted with today's advanced technology based on intensive R&D for your skin's true perfection. Formulated with the finest and safe ingredients, GIA skinpert assures you that our products and treatments are effective to replenish and rejuvenate skin for immediate and long-term results.